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No one should have to worry about employer retaliation for exposing illegal activities. In fact, the brave individuals who bring employer wrongdoing to light are protected by state and federal laws. At the New Orleans law office of Farrugia Law Firm, LLC, we are committed to helping clients reach positive results in whistleblower and qui tam actions.

Louisiana Whistleblower Protection

Whistleblower claims occur when an employee reports some type of illegal activity is taking place in a company. The wrongdoing can range from environmental violations such as illegal waste disposal to fraud or any other illegal activity. Once the individual reports the violation to the employer or an outside agency, the business is expected to correct the problem. However, some unscrupulous employers may fail to make changes and even retaliate against the whistleblower by demoting, firing or moving the person.

Under state law, if your employer has retaliated against you for refusing to perform an illegal task at work or for bringing up unlawful activity, you may be entitled to damages. New Orleans whistleblower attorney Victor Farrugia has more than years of experience with whistleblower retaliation cases and is prepared to help you with your claim.

New Orleans and Baton Rouge Qui Tam Attorney Asserting Your Interests

The False Claims Act was created to expose false claims and fraud on the part of government contractors. Federal law allows an individual to file a qui tam action on behalf of the government, complaining about an employer's false claims against the government. If the court determines the employer wrongfully charged the government for compensation to which it is not entitled, the employee may receives a portion of the recovery amount.

Qui tam actions frequently involve Medicare fraud and defense contractor fraud, as well as other illegal activity. If you have knowledge of an employer's fraud or abuse against the government, our firm can evaluate your case and help you pursue your qui tam action.

Aggressive Legal Advocacy in Whistleblower and Qui Tam Litigation

Because these types of cases can be complex, it is important that you hire a lawyer with the experience, knowledge and skill to handle your case. New Orleans whistleblower and qui tam attorney Victor Farrugia will thoroughly evaluate your case and let you know what to expect as you set on this legal path. As your attorney, he will aggressively advocate on your behalf and remain in close contact with you. To schedule an appointment, call 504-525-0250 0r 866-676-0856 or contact our law firm online.

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Our firm's office is located on the corner of Poydras and Loyola Avenue in the heart of the Central Business District in New Orleans.