VICTOR FARRUGIA is Certified as an Employment Law Specialist by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization


Victor Farrugia earned the designation of Employment Law Specialist certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization. The certification, which took effect January 1, 2023, recognizes Mr. Farrugia’s breadth of experience representing clients in employment matters. 2023 is the first year that this designation has been recognized in the state of Louisiana.

To earn the certification, he was recognized by his peers, he had the required years of experience in employment law, he completed the requirement of continuing legal education in employment law and passed a rigorous employment law specialization exam.

This certification affirms the confidence his current clients have placed in him and assures prospective clients of his ability to identify and pursue the most effective course of action to resolve employment issues they are facing.

To see the list of Employment Law Specialists in the state of Louisiana, visit

Of the nine Employment Law Specialists in Louisiana in 2023, only three are listed in the New Orleans area. Of those three, Mr. Farrugia is the only one who predominantly represents employees.


At Farrugia Law Firm, LLC, our client relationships are very important to us. We are accessible and responsive to the needs and concerns of each individual client. 

The law firm’s goal is to empower you to make the employment decisions that are best for you and your family. We strive to educate you on the law that applies to your employment situation. We then advocate for you by communicating with your employer or taking legal action on your behalf. Throughout this process you make the decisions, while we advise you. We will offer to you both cost-effective and high quality, effective representation.


Sometimes we consult with employees while they are still employed to advise employees how to best deal with their employment situation. We do not encourage litigation. However, we do not hesitate to sue employers who have violated the law. If it is your desire to try to make your current employment situation work for you, we will facilitate achieving that goal. If that is not possible, we will take whatever legal steps necessary to insure, if the employer has not complied with the law, that you will receive monetary compensation for the damages the employer has caused


  • Severance agreements
  • Employment discrimination
  • Retaliation for participation in a protected activity
  • Retaliation for complaining about or reporting an environmental violation
  • Failure to accommodate employees with disabilities or with sincere religious beliefs
  • Sexual harassment
  • Family and Medical Leave Act violations
  • Wrongful termination
  • Employment contracts and noncompete agreements
  • Representation in mediations and arbitrations 
  • Unlawful harassment at the workplace
  • Wage and hour law violations
  • Equal Pay Act violations
  • Unfair labor practices
  • Breach of the duty of fair representation

Victor R. Farrugia