Mr. Victor is a lawyer that truly cares about his clients and will go the extra mile to fight for you as his client. His attention to detail is impeccable. His skill at both preparing his client for a deposition and his approach during his depositions is something I marveled at. He truly kept me informed, listened to my concerns and, gave his guidance along the way. He always made himself accessible and returned the emails and phone calls with promptness. I cannot say how much I admire his work and how I grateful I am to him. Do yourself a favor if you are needing a lawyer for your employment issue and call and schedule a meeting with him.

Robin Malach

Mr Farrugia proved to be a very knowledgeable and highly capable employment lawyer. he consistently kept me informed by email and by phone every step of the way. I would highly recommend Attorney Farrugia to anyone with employment issues that needs solving. His attention to detail is beyond reproach.

Stutts Calice

Mr. Victor Farrugia is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Without going into too much detail, I inherited a pending case that my husband had filed against his employer. The case is complicated & still ongoing. Mr. Victor has kept me informed every step of the way. He knows Louisiana Employment Law inside and out, especially laws concerning companies with Unions. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a truly professional and committed attorney.

Jeanelle Cooper

Victor is an attorney who is willing to fight for your rights. I am extremely grateful for having him as my attorney and for all the work he has done on my discrimination case. Thank you Victor


I am writing in regard to Victor Farrugia, who I consider to be the most outstanding employee rights lawyer in the state of Louisiana. I feel extremely fortunate to have had him as my attorney. Among his numerous accomplishments, he won the case against a big university (Southern New Orleans) and its extremely competitive law firm attorneys.

Victor became my attorney in 1999. Upon first meeting him, I was concerned due to his small practice and his quiet, unassuming demeanor, which made me question how he might hold up against a big law firm with a host of attorneys. Our initial communications were minimal. However, as the trial date grew nearer, we began to converse more, and it became clear just how diligently he had been working on my case and knowledgeable and competent he is. Victor prepared me for my deposition by tutoring and counseling me on how to communicate what happened to me. He subpoenaed twice as many witnesses on my behalf than did the defense. By the trial date, I was completely satisfied that I had the very best representation possible.

The university wanted to move the case to Federal Court. Victor knew we had a better chance of winning in state court, and as a result of his tenacious, steadfast hard work, the case was returned to state court. Due to his wealth of legal experience, Victor knew how and what to look for when choosing jurors, and as a result, he chose the best possible jury for my case. During the 9-day trial, while the opposing counsel seemed agitated and often yelled at our witnesses, Victor always spoke in a calm, controlled, and dignified manner, never appearing upset or frustrated.

During the award phase of the trial, Victor made a very compelling argument as to why the jury should award me $475,000 by documenting my past, present, and future losses as a result of losing my job. Because of his superior representation, the jury found the athletic director guilty of sexual harassment and wrongful termination, awarding me the $475,000 requested.

The judge disagreed with the jury award and lowered it to $65,000. I told Victor that I wanted to appeal the Judge’s decision, and he did. He used case after case to convince the three appeal judges that the lower court judge was wrong in his decision to lower my award. When he went before the three judges to prove his case, I had no doubt that he would do an excellent job, and he exceeded my expectations – so much so that the appeal judges increased the award from $65,000 to $220,000. Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

The university appealed to the state Supreme Court, and that appeal was denied. The case is over, and the defense had to pay my award and attorney fees.

I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity both to meet and to work with Victor Farrugia. He has been such a blessing and comfort to me during an extremely stressful trial, and he exceeded all of my expectations as an attorney. I feel certain that he will prove to be a key asset to any client or organization he represents.

Jean Brooks

Mr. Victor Farrugia was the trial lawyer in my lawsuit against my former employer, alleging race discrimination and retaliation for participating in an activity protected by Title VII. He did an excellent job and was understanding during a very difficult time. Victor was able to persuade the jury to find in my favor although I am a black female and there were only two minorities on the jury. Cross examination is one of his strong points and he definitely is a litigator extraordinaire. The jury awarded me $621,570.00. Although we lost on appeal, which I expected, we did have one dissent. I had researched the Court’s conservative approach in discrimination cases and was not surprised with the result. Although the Supreme Court did not consider the case, I was pleased with the representation I received and the victories we accomplished. I would highly recommend Victor Farrugia as an employment lawyer.

Kordice M. Douglas, Attorney

After my former employer, a private school, mid-year, demanded that I vacate my position as principal, I was professionally and emotionally devastated with little hope of rectifying this injustice. After two long years of work, acting as my lead attorney, Mr. Farrugia presented my case in an arbitration hearing held in March, 2002. After 6 days, 28 witnesses and several hundred exhibits, the arbitrator found that the school had indeed breached the contract and ruled an award to me of $157,856.52. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Farrugia championed my case with fervor and meticulously handled even the tiniest detail. I would highly recommend Mr. Farrugia as attorney for any and all employment disputes! He is knowledgeable, experienced and handles his clients with kindness and respect.

Pam Prescott

The following letter was written to Victor Farrugia in September, 2004, shortly after a five day jury trial for national origin discrimination and retaliation. Jury verdict for plaintiff for $419,013.

I am compelled to address to you my deepest appreciation for representing me in the recent case Sciacca vs. The State of Louisiana. Your style and depth of legal knowledge in matters of employment disputes proved your caliber in these issues.

Allow me to sincerely thank you for the sense of relief you brought to me during the time we prepared for the trial and during trial. With you and your co-counsel, I grew courageous and somewhat hopeful during the strenuous legal process.

I must exalt your God given outstanding talent as an attorney to work searching for justice for the unfair oppression of an irresponsible manager against an employee in a work place I so love, the Medical Center of Louisiana.

I was so impressed that in the midst of so much vicious mud slinging from the defense attorney, you were able to eloquently and well focused, clear the picture both for the judge and the jury. At this point, your stage presence and words calmed my heart and mind. Today, because of such dedicated and honest attorneys, I regained my faith in the judicial system.

I truly believe that the victory you achieved not only restored my self-esteem but also won victory for all who find themselves in pitched battle against relentless and overpowering management.

The statute of justice is depicted always as blind. Through the wisdom of your words she heard very well indeed. Again I am deeply thankful for you and your co-counsel.

Heydie K. Sciacca, MD